Full Circle Doula Support

Our Full Circle Doula Support package is our most comprehensive service which is aimed to provide an excellent support system for everyone involved in the birth.

This service includes:

  • Monthly prenatal visits – I can answer most questions you may have in regards to your pregnancy or tell you when you should be concerned/call your doctor. I will work with you to teach you different positions you can try to help manage labor pains and contractions, I will teach you what to look out for and when you should go to the hospital.

  • Labor support – I will come to help you and your family through labor by advocating for you when you feel your birth team is not treating you in a way that you prefer, helping you to stay informed so that you do not consent to anything you don’t understand, suggesting different positions for you to try to get through contractions and more!

  • 2 postpartum visits – I can do assessments to make sure there are no major health concerns that a doctor should be aware of, help you with meal prep, offer suggestions on how to maximize sleep time, assist with breastfeeding and latching, and answer any follow up questions you may have about your health, the health of your newborn, or about newborn care.

  • Assistance building a birth plan

  • 24 hour on call service from beginning to end of contract

  • A small customized welcome gift for baby

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