J. Foster

My labor and delivery experience was scary because of the issues that have arisen with Covid-19. Fey the doula assigned to help me was able to support me virtually while in the hospital. She stayed in constant contact with me and was able to help ease my anxiety and worries while going through this experience. Patricia was able to help me and accommodate me even though I was very late into my pregnancy when calling and asking for help. My aftercare experience was amazing they were able to give me information on postpartum care and breastfeeding as well as checking in on my mental health. I would recommend this program to anyone looking for a doula in this area.

T. Collins

I am a mommy of 3 boys. When I came to Patrica I was unsure of what I wanted but, I did understand how I wanted to feel. At the time, I had two babies and both experiences were horrible. I felt like I wasn’t heard and felt like ppl treated me like a kid. For the first time i had Patricia and even though other doctors were kinda intimidated by her she made it known it was what I wanted. She help me find the best doctors that heard me and even with me being strongly opinionated she help me to see the importance and listened to see the doctors importance as well. If it wasn’t for Patrica i would probably be dead because of how serious she was about my health and safety and making others pay attention to me. Thank you so much for changing the way i see birthing kids and helping me learn. You are a blessing and keep making a stand for providers to stay together and help ppl understand the importance of hearing your clients.

Q. T. Covington

Birth Supporters United reached out to me to offer great support during my postpartum period. I’m grateful that she took the time to understand my concerns and put me on the right track to getting the assistance that I needed.