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We are certified doulas that provide support to families who are hoping to conceive or are pregnant with a focus on bonding, support and unity

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About Us

At Birth Supporters United, we specialize in doula services and birth support in Maryland with a focus on bonding, support and unity. Giving birth is a beautiful event that requires a lot of support and compassion. Our mission is to unite every person involved in the birth, including the parents, the baby, hospital staff, relatives and doulas. We believe in supporting and building the people involved in this journey because everyone plays a valuable part. We believe that when all moving parts of this experience are united and working together, the baby will have a healthy mental space to be brought into.

How It Works

A Simple and Intuitive Step-by-Step Process so you can have peace of mind and unconditional support alongside your Doula.

Step 1 – Intake

Fill out an intake form so your doula can be up to speed on your pregnancy thus far.

Step 2 – Interview

Interview the doulas you are most interested in to find your perfect match.

Step 3 – Schedule and Get Started

Schedule your first appointment with your doula!

J. Foster

My labor and delivery experience was scary because of the issues that have arisen with Covid-19. Fey the doula assigned to help me was able to support me virtually while in the hospital…

T. Collins

I am a mommy of 3 boys. When I came to Patrica I was unsure of what I wanted but, I did understand how I wanted to feel…

Q. T. Covington

Birth Supporters United reached out to me to offer great support during my postpartum period. I’m grateful that she took the time to understand my concerns and put me on the right track to getting the assistance that I needed…

Our Services

Full Circle Doula Support

Basic Doula Support

Mental Health Coaching

Doula Support Hotline

Postpartum Support

Lactation Consultation

Placenta Encapsulation

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