Black-Owned Birthing and Support Center

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Black families have held the lead for poor birth outcomes in every single category for over 5 years. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has public record of years of poor birth outcomes and how black families are likely to experience poor birth outcomes between 2 and 6 times more often than any other race. Some of these poor outcomes include…

  • preterm labor
  • maternal death
  • infant loss
  • SIDS
  • jaundice
  • cesarean
  • and even more!
maternal death statistics

It has been stated by the World Health Organization that doula support and midwifery care improves the chances for black families to achieve better and safer birth outcomes. 

While this is true, there is a detrimental shortage of access in the Prince George’s County, Maryland to this resource. Research shows that most families settle for hospital births because the average family within this area must drive over an hour to reach the nearest birthing center! Other families will attempt a home birth, however accessing a midwife who births outside of hospitals is also nearly impossible!

I have found a need within my community and I have the desire to fill it. My objective is to purchase a building in which families will be able to access midwifery care and doula support that will increase their chances at birthing with significantly reduced chances of experiencing these outcomes.

It is my hope to be able to open a birthing and support facility in a predominantly black community so that these families will have access to the help and support that they need.

For more information on this topic please take some time to watch the video shown before.

You can donate on our GoFundMe Page. Donations of all sizes are welcome and appreciated.