Come Meet With Us!

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Birth Supporters United will be attending the Maryland Families for Safe Birth event, The Baltimore Birth Festival.

This is an exciting event at which lovers of all things birth—from workers to families—can come out and learn about the many things that are offered to expecting families in order to help them achieve their preferred birth outcome or find a sense of peace and comfort during their pregnancy.

There will be food, games, and many other exciting things to experience!

Our doulas, lactation counselors, and childbirth educators will be present for this event along with some of the teens we work with who aspire to work in the birthing field. We hope that you will come out to meet our team and to learn about the services and opportunities that we offer in our community for those who are on the birthing side and for those who are on the working side.

To learn more about the event please visit:

We look forward to seeing you there!