Mental Wellness Support

Here are Birth Supporters United we understand that your mental health is important to you. Many of us have experienced times where we felt confused or unsure of whether the things we were experiencing were normal. We also understand that it can be intimidating or difficult to start working together with a therapist or counselor. There are even times when we may not be sure of whether what we are experiencing even requires a therapist or counselor.

We at Birth Supporters United have been in your shoes and we want to help.

If you feel like you are facing mental health obstacles or are unsure of whether you need to start seeing a therapist, let us be the ones to walk you through it. We offer mental health coaching for those who feel like they are being affected by circumstances or life events that are outside of their control or comfort zone. We are able to support you through the issue or event until you feel like you have the skills or tools to walk on your own again. If we suspect that your health may require a medical professional, such as a licensed therapist or counselor, we will suggest it to you and even help you to find one that suits your needs and personality.


Our Mental Wellness Support package includes:

  • A free consultation
  • (3) 1-hour coaching sessions
  • and a free Birth Supporters United “Penny for Your Thoughts?” journal
  • Unlimited text support during business hours

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