Our Network

In order to make a difference within our community, we have teamed up with a number of different medical providers. These facilities and providers help us to gain access to the families in huge need of our support in exchange for the opportunity to support the families that they serve. To learn more about some of the organizations that we have teamed up with, feel free to click their link that will take your to their website:

University of Maryland, Capital Region Medical Center

Premier Birth Center


Reproductive Health Equity Alliance of Maryland

The Reproductive Health Equity Alliance of Maryland (RHEAM) is a coalition of community-based birth workers, policy and legal advocates, and organizations focusing on reproductive justice, pregnancy, and infant health. RHEAM aims to reduce pregnancy and infant health disparities in Maryland’s Black, Brown, and immigrant communities by advocating for evidence-based legislative and policy solutions that expand access to quality reproductive, pregnancy, and infant health options designed to build healthy and stable families of color.