Placenta Encapsulation

Do you know that during pregnancy birthing parents and their growing babies are able to get what they need every single day due to the swell in hormones that are flowing through the birthing parent’s body? We do.

We also know that sometimes our birthing parent needs a little bit of assistance with managing the drop in hormones that comes with the birth of their baby. Consuming your placenta can help with that. Since learning about how something so simple has the potential to make such a drastic improvement for so many of the families we serve, we decided to make sure that we had the ability to offer it to them.

Here’s how it works…

  • When the day comes that it is time to birth your baby you’ll reach out to our team to let them know.
  • Once your baby arrives, you or someone present with you at your birthing location will contact our team again and the assigned team member will come to pick your placenta up.*
  • The birthing parent will have to sign a document at your birthing location releasing the placenta to the team member. They will bring their own transporting items and will only need ice.
  • The placenta will be taken back with the team member to be cleaned, dried, and turned into capsules
  • The capsules will be delivered to your home within (5) days from the date of pick up (or you can have the process done in your home)*

* This process is subject to change if you prefer the process to take place in your own home.

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