The Whole Heart Scholarship

In an attempt to give back to promote our Village Vision we are giving away 12 Full Circle Doula Support Packages!!! We know that this moment in your life needs to be right and we want to do everything in our power to provide you with the help you need to have the birth you deserve. With that being said we are looking for 12 families who could really use some support under their growing families. In order to be eligible for this scholarship you must meet one of the following criteria:

  •  You have financial hardship and cannot otherwise afford a doula AND;
  • You do something to give back in your community
  • You are considered a person of color
  • You are a single parent
  • You are a teen parent
  • You, your parent, or your child have a disability
  • You are simultaneously furthering your education
  • Other

Since we also understand that there are families in need of support that do not fall under this criteria, we ask that those who do not meet this criteria still apply! Tell us why you believe you deserve to be considered one of the 12 families selected and we will see if there is anything we or anyone within our network can do to help! Families selected for scholarship will be announced daily between February 14th and 25th.

Apply to Our Scholarship

Fill out the form below to apply to our scholarship program

    Support Scholarship 1 ($1500 value)Support Scholarship 2 ($800 value)Support Scholarship 3 ($500 value)

    I understand that if I am selected for this scholarship I must complete a review of services that were provided to me after my services have been rendered. Failure to leave a review within (30) days of the end of services will result in full repayment of the scholarship (total of $1500) from myself to Birth Supporters United.I consent to my photo being used on the website of the company, Birth Supporters United, and all company affiliates for the use of promotion and marketing.I understand that if I am selected as a recipient of this scholarship I will receive a contract that must be signed prior to the beginning of service. Failure to sign and return this contract will result in forfeiture of this scholarship.

    *All Scholarship Eligibility is based on availability, need, and community involvement.