What’s In the Bag?

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

We are proud to announce that we have added an herbal tea to the Welcome Bag—a gift included for the family in the Full Circle Doula Support Package.

The Preggie Tea is a tea that is hand-crafted by one of our partners who is a
certified herbalist living in Texas. This tea is made with herbs that work to build the strength of the uterus so that when labor comes, contractions will be strong all by themselves.

We have added this tea in order to show how serious we take our level of
supporting the families that we work together with. Support at Birth Supporters United does not only happen on the outside. Rather we believe in 360 support from all sides; even on the inside (pun TOTALLY intended).

The greatest part about this tea is that it can benefit the uterus before pregnancy as well as after. Individuals can drink this tea to help build a healthy uterus even when they aren’t pregnant as well as during the postpartum period; and yes, that includes while breastfeeding.

We hope that you enjoy the tea as much as we do!