What’s In the Bag

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We have added a new item to our Welcome Bag (a gift included in the Full Circle Doula Support package) and we wanted to tell you more about it!

Cynthia’s Girl is an all-natural whipped body butter that was hand made by an organization called Milk & Honey Body. This particular body butter is made up of all natural products that have been known for properly moisturizing the skin without any harmful additives or pore-clogging preservatives.

Cynthia’s Girl is near to Birth Supporters United because it is named after our founders grandmother, Cynthia Woods. Cynthia and her husband, Alphonso Woods Sr., built a strong family foundation based on peace, love, and spirituality. While she was a mother to 3 she was a
grandmother to 12 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren. She worked hard to teach them to be good to one another and to others, never forget the God that they serve, and to always strive to achieve their dreams.

Cynthia was hard-working from very young and when she passed she left a great standard of womanhood, motherhood, and family.

Milk & Honey Body is founded by Cynthia’s oldest granddaughter, Raechyl Hurst who finds inspiration in the great people who have impacted her life.

We chose to add Cynthia’s Girl to our Welcome Bag because not only did we feel that the natural moisturizing properties that came in Cynthia’s Girl would offer a method of relief from the growing bellies of our expecting parents, but we also knew about the love that Cynthia shared with every single person she ever came into contact with and we wanted to share that love with the families that we worked together with.